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Google’s 2014 Algorithm Updates

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The year 2013 has been incredibly eventful for Google in terms of updates as we saw the further releases of Panda and Penguin, the flight of the Hummingbird and the shift from providing keyword centric data due to encrypted search.

These few SEO strategies can keep your website ahead in the year 2014 and help in your quest for your preparation for recent updated algorithm in SEO.

They are:

  • Everything that you used in 2013 still holds relevancy: If you take a look at the updates of the past year, you will understand that this has been carried forward to the year 2014 as well, just their amplified versions. Panda and Penguin will continue to target the quality of your links and contents of your websites, with micro adjustments to them. It would be better if you keep a track on your profile’s link building and edit and delete all those inbound links that have been built unnaturally. High quality content will still be critical. Your website will only perform best if you have a strong understanding of what happened in 2013 and how these changes will affect SEO in the present scenario.
  • The role of social media will not change: From the advent of various social media platforms, they have been an integral part of SEO and they also played their parts well. Initially, we saw media platforms like Twitter and Facebook and during the last couple of years, there has been a rise in the same as we saw mega platforms like Instagram, Pinterest that has swept through. Being active in a single platform or network is not enough in today’s scenario as diversification is the key to success. According to a latest report, most B2B marketers who are successful are active in as many as seven social networks on an average. Social media was and still remains to a useful White Hat SEO tactic that is bound to give you result. It is also very helpful for new businesses.
  • Good content strategy: Content marketing will also remain to be an important SEO technique as a good content strategy offers many benefits to your website. Helpful and regularly updated content attracts visitors more as compared to the ones that do not updated the contents. Fresh contents also prove that your website is not ‘dead ‘and is growing. The changes that you require in 2014 in terms of content marketing strategies depend on the current position of your company in relation to the same and countries that already have existing strategies related to their content need to take into account the role of mobile.
    Take into account Google Plus: You will also be required to invest in your Google Plus presence apart from the ones mentioned above and this absolutely necessary as according to a new study, Google Plus has a significant role to play in ranking your website in Google’s search engine result pages (SERP). Make sure that you establish Google authorship of your website content and tie the same to your Google Plus account. This would help in strengthening your author mark and will also help your website secure a better rank in SERP as this would bring together the body of your content. Focus on those +1 add ups as though it is not very clear how much this actually contributes directly, it is a major factor in Google algorithm’s component ‘social signals’.
  • Hummingbird strategies: By the end of this year, the number of people owning smart phones and tablets will be doubled and hence, the performance of your website in mobiles will also matter when it comes to your rank. This is one area where you would need to focus too.
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