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Importance of Social Bookmarking in SEO

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Search engine optimization or SEO is a method used to improve not only traffic to the website but also to check whether the content will have requisite user appeal. SEO firms usually charge a lot of good money for such services. This is happily indulged by clients due to the effectiveness of the method.

It is often said and has been felt that in advertising one may have the best product, but it is dead so long as people are not talking about it. Similarly, a website may have quality content but it still needs whisper campaigning or word of mouth support. Thus, one needs to have an interactive audience for all the content and expression of thoughts. Here, comes in social bookmarking to strike up that dialogue in the digital space to get things moving. This is a way to share, store, and search and organize specific web page bookmarks. Bookmark sites allow people to share and store their favourite bookmarks. It involves tagging bookmarks with certain keywords in order to facilitate sharing and saving them on public websites. It helps drive traffic to the website in the form of an inexpensive and simple method.

In the field of marketing anything online, building up links is of immense purport. SEO allows a number of ways to ensure massive traffic through link building. Social bookmarking is one such tool with immense application for promotional purposes. In this method data by websites gets bookmarked on these sites for social tagging or bookmarking. The benefit is that this kind of bookmarking makes the links universally accessible from across the digital space. The social bookmarks may be public or private.

A type of social bookmarking is manual form or manual social bookmarking. It involves submission of the particular website on a number of social bookmarking websites. It has proved to be an effective way of getting proven specific traffic and brings in to focus the online business site visitors. It is a trusted method since the search engines responsiveness is higher through this.

The idea in social bookmarking is to make the public have access to something on the internet through social websites which are publicly accessible. It enable the generation of notice in a wide spread manner through public sharing of personal interests. Social bookmarking benefits see true realization when this interest gets the website the relevant attention. This is perfect white hat SEO since all it involves is the sharing of fabulous content which will pique the interest of many others who in turn will do the same by further cycles of sharing.

Social bookmarking allows for fast indexing by search engines spiders swarming the web by employing websites dedicated for such activities. This will dramatically improve the chances of the article getting more and more views. A decent level of clicks and views also depend on the quality of the content and the title used. Fresh and large quantum of traffic can be attracted through submission on multiple websites for such bookmarking. For drawing specific traffic tagging of a niche and more direct nature should be made use of. Social bookmarking also enables brand creation. The ability to back link personal pages allows comprehensive brand creation.

The main purpose of using this method is to create a social buzz rather than only back links. It helps one acquire quality links. Social bookmarking sites facilitate improving and maintaining page rank of personal profiles incorporated within them through proper preservation.

Social bookmarking in order to be successful needs to have first-rate content, something which should be a source of enjoyable reading experiences. The articles should be precisely submitted such that it reaches the desired target audience and should be well researched. The idea is to avoid unwanted spamming and instead be involved in true value addition to the World Wide Web.

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